Friday, February 3, 2012

Still in shock

I'm (well, WE'RE) still in shock over the Ultra Sound.

It's all we are thinking about right now.
I've been pretty sick over the past few days.

The 6 week mark really hit me hard about a day after finding out there were two little ones in there.

I have mostly been dizzy, nauseous, and tired (VERY tired!)
I can only hope that means things are going well inside there.

I bought new prenatal vitamins today, but could hardly stay at the store too long because the dizziness was getting to me.
There seems to be a trade off.

When I don't feel nauseous, I am dizzy, and when I'm nauseous, I'm not dizzy at all. Very strange!

I also looked at baby things today (I know I shouldn't!) but I just had to wander by the baby section.

I saw the cutest little Carter's outfits and found myself dreaming about if they will be two of each, or one of each.
I can honestly say I really REALLY am hoping for one of each!

I will be so much fun not to feel like I have to dress them alike.
It's not a problem for me, but I feel like for grandparents and family, they will instinctively want to buy matching outfits and want to see them in them together.

I would just be so thrilled with one boy, one girl!
I will be thrilled if we make it through this first and foremost.

I have so many worries and concerns it's not even funny!

How will we afford 2? We had only planned on being very tight with ONE and that was a huge IF it happened...

It's such a blur, all of this.
I'm glad I'm blogging.

I am SO excited and scared at the same time it's funny.
I have half a mind to think that's most of my nausea at this point!

Tomorrow I will be exactly 7 weeks. I get to have a Dr visit next Thursday, 2 days before the 8 week mark.

I really hope things look well with the twinsies!

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