Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Time!

It's been weeks! It's been MONTHS.. it's been TOO long since I've updated my blog about my little guys!

Well, things are crazy with twins and that's nothing new for us.

They just turned 4 months old and WOW have things changed!

I'm hoping to post pictures and more later, but I'll use this so far as a place holder.

Monday, September 24, 2012

They are here!!

The twins are here!!

It's been a few weeks since I had the boys. I'm finally finding time to post about it all.

It's been scary, crazy, wonderful and hectic ALL at the same time.

The boys were born September 4th 2012 at 8:29am and 8:30am via C Section. They came out screaming and perfect.

I was so relieved that they were fine after worrying about them during pregnancy.

Unfortuantly I ended up having a rough time with the delivery and lost quite a bit of blood.
I spent a few hours in recovery waiting to stablize my blood pressure which was, from what I remember, very low. I don't quite remember it all, but what I do remember was quite scary.

I ended up spending an extra day at the hospital due to low blood levels (lowest around 5.6) but I got to come home without doing a transfusion (which had some risks involved).

I'm currently very tired, but on iron pills and working my blood back slowly. Last week I was up to a 7 for levels, but I need to get to a 10 or 12, maybe even 14!

It's been a long road!

Coming home with the boys, not sleeping well, and being exhausted from making blood. Zzzzzzzzz...
I have been TIRED but it's worth it.

Below I'm posting pics from their birthday! I'll add more pics in the next few posts as well as how we are surviving Twins, A Varsity Cheerleader and a 10 year old.
If you can believe it, the boys already went to a high school football game at 16 days old!!

Me at the hospital entrance

We're ready to go.. I think...

Baby A! Corey

Baby B - Camden

Proud Daddy

My first visitor

Snuggle buddies!

Me and my buddies

Monday, August 27, 2012

36 weeks!

I can't believe I made it this far.

Awesome for the babies, but I am feeling it.

I think I want to remember how I'm feeling... I was thinking of writing it down but it sounds whiny! I'll do it for documentations sake!

Right now I'm feeling HUGE, I can only stand and walk for about 2 hours a day at the most. Otherwise, I'm on the couch or bed.

I'm falling asleep during the day for little cat naps and my feet are VERY swollen.

The actual "baby bump" has gotten painful at this point as far as weight, skin stretching and just being in the way!

My spine and hips are still the main areas of concern for me, as with night time.

Sleeping isn't something I do much of and the pain hit once I lay down.

The pain is more like arthritis in the hips, back and my hands (especially my fingers) Sometimes it even wakes me with how much my hands are hurting (like someone smacked each joint with a hammer) It's really one of the oddest symptoms yet and I only ever had it when I was on the Mirena IUD.
Must be all hormonal!

I am very happy that my count down window is now 8 days!!!

This is my last time EVER being pregnant, and while it's somewhat sad as a woman, I am ready for it to be over with now.

Here's is a pic - We hope that we are only going to be taking ONE last shot before we go in to deliver next week at 37 weeks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting closer! 34 weeks


It's come and gone and I'm slowly on the way to 35 weeks with the twins.

I'm getting scared and nervous - They will be coming in about 20 days! I feel like I'm not ready, but I am at the same time.

I've become a couch potato, but it's been working best for how I feel. I'm having daily contractions that go nowhere. The get painful from around 11pm until about 4am each night.

I can no longer go out for more than 2 hours. I recently had to cut short a shopping trip and have Brad come with me over the weekend. I even tried out a scooter in a Walmart!

I did last an hour longer though because I could sit.

I've only gained 1lb more, but the babies seem to have gotten bigger.
At our latest scan, they have the babies estimated at 5lbs and 4.5 lbs each. WOW! How do the fit in there and my skin isn't stretched off my body!!

I feel most of the weight in my spine and feet. 32lbs total I have gained, almost 1lb a week for the whole pregnancy. I'm happy that for now, I've stayed at the low end of Twin weight gain. I can't even imagine getting back to ME, or sleeping on my stomach again. My spine can't wait, that's for sure!

I'm going to photo bomb this post. I'm including pics of our 3D images (even though it's tough with twins because Baby A's feet are in Baby B's face and vice versa) and some pics of my "Sprinkle - Open house" for the Twins.

 34 weeks - My camera is on the fritz, so I have to use the cell phone :(

U/S scan - We only got A's face

B likes playing with his feet. These 3D things are interesting and sort of scary at the same time!

We also had a "Sprinkle" sort of an Open House for a baby shower, since I didn't want to do a shower for Babies 3 & 4 since it's not traditional to do. It has been 10 years since we've had babies around, and they are BOYS, so that is starting over for us as well.
It was fun and casual. A nice time to get to talk and see people. I've been sort of hiding at home for a few weeks and it can get lonely!

I had to make cupcakes, one of my favorite things to make!

Some of the only Twin things we could find without ordering offline

Flowers from my Mom
My sister and me

Cupcake close up...


My oldest (on the left) and my Niece - Decorating Divas

My Dad hollowed out the dip bowl - food crafting!

Brad and our youngest

Made by my Sister, we all like food crafts I think!

Opening gifts - Had a little helper!

Books for the Boys. We asked people to bring books instead of a card.

My youngest and me

Soon to be - Two Tired Parents of TWINS! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

30 weeks!!

It's here - I hit 30 weeks.

Babies are moving and kicking up a storm daily.

Baby A - has hiccups several times a day!
Baby B - has feet in my left side rib cage! Ouch!

But - I'm having fun feeling them move all around, with the exception of the 11pm dancing on the bladder and rib cage that seems to be a nightly thing.

We've had two Dr visits since the last time and things are looking good. Dr says babies were about 3lbs each at 28 weeks and now I'm sure even bigger!

The boys are in the 90th percentile!

Baby A - still bum down and breech, and Baby B is head down and soft of sideways. That coupled with a possible cord issue on Baby A gives me a 99% chance for C-Section.

I really REALLY really didn't want one (can you tell I didn't want one?) BUT I want them out safely, so I will agree to it I guess... The cord issue and breech are two issues that I can not change, so I have to get used to the idea of it.

At home we are getting things ready as we were told that ANY time after 34 weeks is GO time! That is only 4 weeks away!
IF I happen to hold out longer, we will schedule the C-Section for after Labor Day weekend, possible September 4th or 5th.

That is only about 6.5 weeks away! Oh WOW does time fly!

With things happening so fast, and me gettinVERY slow now and a bit grumpy... I have so many things I want to do and nesting has set in, but I can not do them all!

I am having a lot of back pain and heavy breathing, so I can only work in small hour sets then I have to rest or lay down until I feel like I can move on again.

So far, I have gained exactly 1lb a week with this pregnancy. 30lbs exactly at this point.
I really can't imagine getting ANY bigger!!!

I'l adding the picture below. Here I am 30 weeks!

ALSO - The registry page at the TOP of this blog has been updated as well! Click here for newest updates - CLICK ME FOR UPDATE

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

24 weeks!

It's 24 weeks! I'm on my way to 25 and about to be on our way to the beach!

I am really looking forward to getting to go before I get any bigger. What a wonderful way to start the summer. Below is my progress in the BUMP (or bumps!)

We still don't have names for the babies yet! Baby A and Baby B... What will you be?

Yesterday we had another level 2 Ultra Sound to check on things. Each baby does have an issue of worry, but there really is nothing we can do about it right now, so we are just hoping for the best.
Baby A has something going on with his cord and Baby B still had the excess fluid / thickened nuchal fold - but everything else seems good.
Both hearts look very good, as well as kidneys. All stomach and head measurements are perfect and they each weight 1 lb 11oz already!
Their heartbeats are only 3 beats off with Baby A being 146 and Baby B being at 143.
Right now both babies are still breech!
I am wondering if because of Baby A's cord issue and the fact that they are breech, if a C-section is just a given in my future?

As long as they both arrive safe, I will be happy!

Baby A is quite the kicker, his feet are down touching my bladder, so needless to say, I have to GO a lot!
Baby B is heads up again, facing Baby A, I think they enjoy being breech and playing footsie with one another! Baby B is more quiet and his movements are more like slow turning instead of quick kicks.
It's so amazing to be able to feel TWO different little people.

We have published a few registries, we didn't want to at first as these are baby number 3 & 4 for us, but with it being twins and two boys (when we have an ALL pink household) we figured people may want to know what we need. Our Registry List

Right now our biggest concern is getting two infant car seats and a stroller to snap them into, as well as cribs.
We have been lucky enough to get s good start on baby items through friends and garage sales!
I can't even begin to explain how AWESOME the Mother's of Twins Club sale was. I can not WAIT to go back in September if I'm feeling up to it.

For my last day of work, I was given a surprise shower with a sweet little cake and a planter with gift cards attached. It was beautiful. We will be using the gift cards to get some of the items we need and hopefully saving some for a stroller / car seat system in the future!

Items we have so far are:
Pack n Play (travel crib type thing)
Baby Bathtub
Two vibrating/ rocking seat type things (from my co worker - many thanks!)
Two johnny jump ups (matching! from a sweet friend found at a garage sale)
1 swing (Like new! -we hope to get another one at a garage sale as well)
A good start on clothes (Now that we know gender, the Twin Sale will be so much more helpful as we can stock up on onesies and clothing for cheap!)
Blankets (we have a decent stock form the girls that were yellow and or green and can be used for Boys.
CLOTHES! - We were given a few bags of clothes from a mom who recently had twin boys. We really only need some onesies and sleeper type things to finish up, OR winter clothes in 3-6 month size

Things we are still looking for, or going to need to buy (garage sales, or buying new):
Baby Monitor (we will probably buy this with a gift card)
Crib bedding- We are still undecided!
Mattresses for the cribs
Cribs - ($99 dollar cribs from Ikea) CRIB LINK
Infant Car Seats (on registry, they have to be compatible with the stroller for "snap in")
Double Stroller travel system
4oz Playtex nursers & Bottle Liners (we are sticking with the Playtex Drop in systems we used with our girls, Target brand liners do fit these as well)
Breast Pump - not sure which brand!
Bibs (that are not Pink and say things like "Shopping Diva, or Mommy's little princess" on them. Ha ha)
Clothing that is NOT summer, in 3-6 months (Hopefully, fall clothes will be out soon)

Hopefully we have a wonderful beach trip and the babies enjoy Momma getting a little relaxation!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

20 weeks!

Well... we had our 20 anatomy scan!

Pics  below -

Babies look ok for now, but there are two concerns. Baby A has a slightly turn in foot and Baby B had a thicker nuchal fold measurement then at the 12 week visit, bringing us from 1 in 2100 for DS down to 1 in 100... We have been told it's STILL a 99% chance that everything is OK, but we carry a bit of worry. Worry Worry!! We are trying to hold tight and pray that both babies are going to come out perfect!!