Monday, August 27, 2012

36 weeks!

I can't believe I made it this far.

Awesome for the babies, but I am feeling it.

I think I want to remember how I'm feeling... I was thinking of writing it down but it sounds whiny! I'll do it for documentations sake!

Right now I'm feeling HUGE, I can only stand and walk for about 2 hours a day at the most. Otherwise, I'm on the couch or bed.

I'm falling asleep during the day for little cat naps and my feet are VERY swollen.

The actual "baby bump" has gotten painful at this point as far as weight, skin stretching and just being in the way!

My spine and hips are still the main areas of concern for me, as with night time.

Sleeping isn't something I do much of and the pain hit once I lay down.

The pain is more like arthritis in the hips, back and my hands (especially my fingers) Sometimes it even wakes me with how much my hands are hurting (like someone smacked each joint with a hammer) It's really one of the oddest symptoms yet and I only ever had it when I was on the Mirena IUD.
Must be all hormonal!

I am very happy that my count down window is now 8 days!!!

This is my last time EVER being pregnant, and while it's somewhat sad as a woman, I am ready for it to be over with now.

Here's is a pic - We hope that we are only going to be taking ONE last shot before we go in to deliver next week at 37 weeks.

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