Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting closer! 34 weeks


It's come and gone and I'm slowly on the way to 35 weeks with the twins.

I'm getting scared and nervous - They will be coming in about 20 days! I feel like I'm not ready, but I am at the same time.

I've become a couch potato, but it's been working best for how I feel. I'm having daily contractions that go nowhere. The get painful from around 11pm until about 4am each night.

I can no longer go out for more than 2 hours. I recently had to cut short a shopping trip and have Brad come with me over the weekend. I even tried out a scooter in a Walmart!

I did last an hour longer though because I could sit.

I've only gained 1lb more, but the babies seem to have gotten bigger.
At our latest scan, they have the babies estimated at 5lbs and 4.5 lbs each. WOW! How do the fit in there and my skin isn't stretched off my body!!

I feel most of the weight in my spine and feet. 32lbs total I have gained, almost 1lb a week for the whole pregnancy. I'm happy that for now, I've stayed at the low end of Twin weight gain. I can't even imagine getting back to ME, or sleeping on my stomach again. My spine can't wait, that's for sure!

I'm going to photo bomb this post. I'm including pics of our 3D images (even though it's tough with twins because Baby A's feet are in Baby B's face and vice versa) and some pics of my "Sprinkle - Open house" for the Twins.

 34 weeks - My camera is on the fritz, so I have to use the cell phone :(

U/S scan - We only got A's face

B likes playing with his feet. These 3D things are interesting and sort of scary at the same time!

We also had a "Sprinkle" sort of an Open House for a baby shower, since I didn't want to do a shower for Babies 3 & 4 since it's not traditional to do. It has been 10 years since we've had babies around, and they are BOYS, so that is starting over for us as well.
It was fun and casual. A nice time to get to talk and see people. I've been sort of hiding at home for a few weeks and it can get lonely!

I had to make cupcakes, one of my favorite things to make!

Some of the only Twin things we could find without ordering offline

Flowers from my Mom
My sister and me

Cupcake close up...


My oldest (on the left) and my Niece - Decorating Divas

My Dad hollowed out the dip bowl - food crafting!

Brad and our youngest

Made by my Sister, we all like food crafts I think!

Opening gifts - Had a little helper!

Books for the Boys. We asked people to bring books instead of a card.

My youngest and me

Soon to be - Two Tired Parents of TWINS! :)

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