Monday, July 16, 2012

30 weeks!!

It's here - I hit 30 weeks.

Babies are moving and kicking up a storm daily.

Baby A - has hiccups several times a day!
Baby B - has feet in my left side rib cage! Ouch!

But - I'm having fun feeling them move all around, with the exception of the 11pm dancing on the bladder and rib cage that seems to be a nightly thing.

We've had two Dr visits since the last time and things are looking good. Dr says babies were about 3lbs each at 28 weeks and now I'm sure even bigger!

The boys are in the 90th percentile!

Baby A - still bum down and breech, and Baby B is head down and soft of sideways. That coupled with a possible cord issue on Baby A gives me a 99% chance for C-Section.

I really REALLY really didn't want one (can you tell I didn't want one?) BUT I want them out safely, so I will agree to it I guess... The cord issue and breech are two issues that I can not change, so I have to get used to the idea of it.

At home we are getting things ready as we were told that ANY time after 34 weeks is GO time! That is only 4 weeks away!
IF I happen to hold out longer, we will schedule the C-Section for after Labor Day weekend, possible September 4th or 5th.

That is only about 6.5 weeks away! Oh WOW does time fly!

With things happening so fast, and me gettinVERY slow now and a bit grumpy... I have so many things I want to do and nesting has set in, but I can not do them all!

I am having a lot of back pain and heavy breathing, so I can only work in small hour sets then I have to rest or lay down until I feel like I can move on again.

So far, I have gained exactly 1lb a week with this pregnancy. 30lbs exactly at this point.
I really can't imagine getting ANY bigger!!!

I'l adding the picture below. Here I am 30 weeks!

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